Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tutorial: Blue Eyed Babe

And we're back in business! After my travels to New Orleans and home for Thanksgiving I am now back into my makeup tutorial groove! I filmed this video right before I left for N'Awlins, so it's a little dated, but still valid. :) I'll be sure to zoom in more in the next tutorial.

Expect some haul videos in the near future with Black Friday and Cyber Monday having just passed. :)

What to do for this look....

Step 1: Apply your normal concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer/blush and highlight. Prime your eyes if you want a more pigmented look.

Step 2: Using the Ulta - Deep Blue Something baked eyeshadow and a blending brush (I'm using the Essence Smokey Eye Brush) and using the darker blue, work that into the outer corner and into the crease.

Step 3: Grab an eyeshadow brush (I'm using the Elf Eyeshadow Brush) and take some of the marbleized silvery-blue color from the Ulta Baked shadow and brush it over the lid. Blend into the crease color.

Step 4: Take a small oval mop paintbrush (1/4 Princeton Select) and put some of the deep silver from the Sequins and Shine Avon Truecolor Quad. Apply that to the inner corners and towards the middle of the lid, blending into the blues there.

Step 5: Using the smokey eye brush again, take a highlight color (Essence -Dance all Night) and apply to the highest point of the brow bone and the inner tear ducts.

Step 6: Using an eyeliner brush (Elf or Princeton Select) grab some of the dark blue shadow from the Ulta pot and apply it as under eye liner very lightly, smudging harsh lines.

Step 7: Apply gel eyeliner (Essence- London Fog) with an eyeliner brush. You can make a triangle wing if you'd like! Then pull the liner down to the under eye as well, stopping mid way. Set the gel liner with the dark blue shadow and a eyeliner brush (Flat top Princeton Select)

Step 8: Apply your mascara as usual! I'm using the Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Waterproof in Black.

Voila! Eyes are done!!!

Step 9: Using a lip stain (NYC 16H Lip Stain in Persistent Pink), apply all over the lips, but be careful not to go over the lip line or it'll literally stain ;)

Step 10: Apply Avon's Island Glow Lip Gloss. Pucker up, because you're done!

You're done! And you look great! :)



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