Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY "Z-Palette" for Eyeshadows

Do-It-Yourself: Making an Eyeshadow "Z-Palette" out of a gift card holder

What a fun project this was! Kristen and I decided a while back that 1. We have too many eye shadows, 2. They take up a ton of space, and 3. We could make our own Z-Palettes for much cheaper!

So here is a DIY project you can try out for any eyeshadows. For me, I depotted and made my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette for this project.

I am calling this a "homemade Z-Palette" because it works the same way. However, a large Z-Palette is $20.00 on Amazon, and the small Z-Palette (around the same size as this holder) is $15.00. I spent around $6.00 for the materials I used here. :) 

What you will need:
- Scissors
- Magnetic strips or dots (I got my dots from a craft store)
- A metal gift card holder
- Tweezers or something flat and sharp like a metal nail file
- Time and patience.

I'll say this... deconstructing the BoS Palette was a chore. It took a very long time due to the thick cardboard that is used on the box. However, when I got it down to the thin top layer of cardboard, I was able to pry most of the shadows off with a nail file. The remaining ones, I cut around the cardboard (it doesn't matter if there are pieces left on the back, they're getting a magnet anyway!).

Affix the magnets to the back of each shadow and carefully place in the tin.

This is such an easy project, but it does take time and patience. If you rush to get the shadows out, you may crack or break them! So be careful and give your hands a rest when you need it. :)

The final project should look like this...


CVS Gift Card Tin - $2.99
Magnetic Dots - $3.00
Book of Shadows - $35.00 (from HauteLook)

 Good luck and have fun!