Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blue Moon

Being that I bought a new teal sweater for the Fall, I decided to match my eyes to my outfit for the day. ;)

I just acquired another new e.l.f. palette with 32 warm colors which I've been anxious to try out. I used a soft charcoal on the crease and in the outer corners. I then applied a mix of dark green and light turquoise on the lid. To finish it off I dusted an shimmery ivory on the entire eye and a more concentrated amount under the brow bone. I wanted to brighten up the inner corner a bit so I put a dot of the ivory on my tear duct as well.

Then to line the eye I used e.l.f. midnight blue gel eyeliner. I packed on a dark shimmery blue over the liner to set it and finally traced a small line of Avon Precision Glimmer Powder Eyeshadow to make the look pop! :)


e.l.f. 32 color palette
e.l.f. Midnight Blue Gel Eyeliner

Avon Precision Glimmer Powder Eyeshadow - Classic Fit Allure

I love blue shadows on light eye colors like mine. :) As long as it's applied the right way it won't resemble that chick from the Drew Carey Show ;)

Everyone have an awesome day! New vlog on Wednesday!

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