Monday, November 14, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Teal and Purple Eyes


Well hello all! I decided to finally start doing actual tutorials in between makeup looks of the day and product overviews. So I hope you enjoy these. I'm sure I'll get better at them as I go. I'll actually probably start shooting these in my bathroom instead of my office area because the lighting is better there. But for now you get the gist. :) Enjoy!

The Tools You'll Need:
(Do your concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer in advance)
- Cover Girl Shadowblast Primer/Shadow (800)
- Avon Truecolor Quad (Sequins and Shine)
- Essence Eyeshadow (Disco Diva)
- e.l.f. Eyeshadow Brush
- Eyeshadow Paintbrush
- Essence Smokey Eye Brush
- NYC 16H Lipstain (Persistent Pink)
- NYC Lipgloss (Brighton Beach Peach)
- Ulta Eyeshadow (Galaxy)

What to Do:

After applying your foundation, bronzer and powder you'll want to prime your eye. Using the Cover Girl Shadowblast, apply a small amount to the lid and up the crease to each eye. Use your finger to spread it out. Don't worry if it looks very light... it's just a primer. :)

Next take your smokey eye brush (or any blending brush) and work in the dark brown from the Sequins and Shine quad on your crease and outer corner. Work on blending and building color until you reach the desired intensity. Don't worry if the color seems too dark... you'll blend it out in a minute!

Go back to using an eyeshadow brush and apply the teal color to the lid. Blend up into the crease so it mixes with the brown you applied. Only bring it to the middle of the lid because you want the inner corner to be brighter.

Now using the e.l.f. eyeshadow brush dust on the Essence Disco Diva purple on the lid from the inner corner and blending to the middle where the teal is. Work up into the crease to lessen the intensity of the brown.

To highlight, go back with the smokey eye brush and use the white color in the Sequins and Shine quad. Blend up to the highest point of the brow bone concentrating more color at that high point. Also, use the white highlight in the very inner corner at your tear duct.

See? Not so bad! The shadow is done! :)

Now to line the eyes, use the e.l.f. cream liner (or any cream, liquid, gel or pencil liner) and draw a thin line on the edge of the lid, right at the lash line. Start at the middle of the eye and work outward and then from the inner corner and towards the middle. This is soo much easier than trying to draw a straight line across. To make a triangle wing, use your eyeliner brush to line up the edge of the outer corner and draw up to the desired height. Then pull the liner brush back down towards the middle. You might have to practice a few times and don't worry. I screw it up all the time and I've done this for years. <3 Set the eyeliner color with an eyeliner brush and a dark shadow like Ulta's Galaxy. For the lips I chose just to stain them and gloss them. Using the NYC stain in Persistent Pink I built color by lining and filling in the lips. Next go over the color with your gloss (I used NYC Lipgloss in Brighton Beach Peach). Blend and smile.

You look amazing!!! :)



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