Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dupe of the Week! (Nov 6th)

Avon v. Sephora Eyeliners

Something I'm going to do once a week is highlight a product or products that are less expensive duplicates or "dupes" of a more expensive one. With so many different brands and colors/textures out there, there is bound to be some overlap! So this week we'll start the dupes off with Avon mini eyeliners and Sephora trial eyeliners.

Product Overviews:

Sephora Eyeliners (set of 7)
Flashy Grey (14)
Flashy Brown (06)
Deep Black (10)
Flashy Indigo (15)
Flashy Violet (13)
Flashy Ultra Green (12)
Flashy Ultra Brown (16)

Price: $20.00-35.00 for the set
Where to get them: Sephora Stores or

** I don't see this set anymore, but they have comparable sets and singles here**
Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner Set
Flashy Eyeliner in Brown and Ultra Violet These are the full sized

Avon Draw the Line Mini Eyeliners (set of 4)
Bronze Glimmerstick
Purple Glimmerstick
Smoky Grey Glimmerstick
Sapphire Blue Glimmerstick

Price: $7.99
Where to get them:
Direct Link to the Product


Avon Bronze and Sephora Flashy Brown

Avon Purple and Sephora Flashy Violet


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