Saturday, May 11, 2013

NEW Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balms!

Hello friends! So the roomie was shopping at a local Rite Aid the other day and stumbled upon these Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balms! I hadn't even heard that these were coming out quite honestly. 

I used to buy Almay products all the time... actually my go-to foundation used to be by Almay. However, over time they kind of fell off my radar. And really off of everyone's radar it seems. My local drugstores have very small or NO Almay racks! What happened Almay!? :(

That being said, I was excited that she found these balms and really liked them! So I thought I'd try to get them for myself...

They have a nice sweet smell that isn't overwhelming. As far as texture, they are very smooth and buttery and not sticky like a lot of glosses. They leave a light sheen of color. Not ultra pigmented, but a nice toned down color that is complimentary over lip liner/stick or by itself. Kudos to Almay!

And stating the obvious here... I LOVE the packaging. It is simple, sleek, and modern. Not overstated and they didn't waste space on excess packaging, but they still have a good amount in there! (I'm looking at you Maybelline!) which makes for easy transport (I keep a gloss in my pocket so the less bulky the better). 

I ended up picking up four colors today from my local Bed, Bath and Beyond (L to R):
- 200 - Nudetrients
- 700 - Cantaloupe Cream
- 600 - Blooming Balm
- 300 - Apple a Day

And the best part my friends.... 

They are only $4.99 each!!!

So these are not officially released yet (I think the actual launch is mid June), so if you all see them out and about post where you see them! So far we have sightings at:
 Rite Aid and Bed,Bath & Beyond in the northern part of Virginia

Happy Hunting,


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Acne.Org Skin Update (18 Months)

Okay, okay. I know I haven't posted in TWO MONTHS! I'm a bad blogger. :(
However, if you follow this blog and you don't follow my YouTube then you're missing out! I have been posting YT videos each week, so you can always check in there. Being a student and professor has drained my time and energy as of late (not to say I'm unhappy, I'm certainly not). So I've had less time to film and practically no time to blog.

That said, I filmed a skin update now that I'm at the 18 month mark in using Acne.Org products. Here is a review of the products I am currently using:

  • Acne.Org Cleanser
  • Acne.Org Treatment
  • Acne.Org AHA+
  • Acne.Org Moisturizer 
If you are interested in the products you can buy them as a set or separately at