Sunday, May 5, 2013

Acne.Org Skin Update (18 Months)

Okay, okay. I know I haven't posted in TWO MONTHS! I'm a bad blogger. :(
However, if you follow this blog and you don't follow my YouTube then you're missing out! I have been posting YT videos each week, so you can always check in there. Being a student and professor has drained my time and energy as of late (not to say I'm unhappy, I'm certainly not). So I've had less time to film and practically no time to blog.

That said, I filmed a skin update now that I'm at the 18 month mark in using Acne.Org products. Here is a review of the products I am currently using:

  • Acne.Org Cleanser
  • Acne.Org Treatment
  • Acne.Org AHA+
  • Acne.Org Moisturizer 
If you are interested in the products you can buy them as a set or separately at


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