Monday, September 17, 2012

MyGlam is now ipsy!

Hello lovies!

So as you know, I am a huge fan of the MyGlam beauty subscription service that was started by fellow YouTuber, Michelle Phan. So when I woke up today to check my email I saw some big news...

MyGlam has changed to The glam bags stay the same, so no worries with the current subscription holders. However, there are some massive changes to the website and company structure!

I'll admit, I am afraid of change... however, I was able to peruse the website for a while today and I think it's great! I was a little taken aback by the name change, but after finding out the meaning behind it, I can dig it. :)

From the ispy/MyGlam Facebook page:

Why ipsy…beauty by you? When our founder Michelle Phan started myglam last year, she envisioned a vibrant community where women would be inspired to express their unique beauty. myglam was a great starting point, but as we launched a home f
or our community, we wanted a name that had a deeper meaning. ipsy comes from the latin word ipse, which means “sense of self”.

At ipsy, we believe the following:
1. Beauty is personal. There is no prescribed view of what is beautiful.
2. Beauty is a way for women to express their creativity and to connect with like-minded women.
3. Forging connections makes women feel more confident, valued and inspired.

The name ipsy is perfectly suited to reflect these core beliefs. And, the first thing you do when you join ipsy is customize your own logo and make your mark on the community.

What do you believe about beauty and what do you think of ipsy?
So, change is good! AND they have open subscriptions, so I definitely suggest heading over and taking their style quiz. The same as before... they have glam bags every month for $10.00.

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